Open Ephys Production Site

Open source tools for neuroscience experiments

Who we are

We develop, produce and distribute ready-to-use open-source tools for neuroscience.

The mission of the Open Ephys Production Site (OEPS) is to make these tools continuously available for researchers. We aim to help science by providing and supporting the use of flexible and affordable hardware.

Currently, more than 230 neuroscience research institutes and pharmaceuticals companies are using tools produced by OEPS.

We are hiring!

Join OEPS and work with us in a friendly and relaxed environment. Your work will directly help scientists that are trying to understand the brain.

We are looking for an Electronic Technician.

Order Online

For tools acquisition, you can place an online order or send us your request through this contact form.

If necessary, we will work with your purchasing department to ensure that all of your specific needs are fulfilled.

What we do


New tools for the neuroscience community.


Manufacturing in large or small quantities, including quality assessment of every unit.


From the first time you open the box, all the way through data analysis.

Open Source Replications

We can replicate other open-source devices if you send us the designs.

Who is using our tools?

Our tools can be found in hundreds of labs spanning 41 countries.

Tools produced by OEPS are being used by top research institutes such as MIT, the Allen Institute, Harvard University, Oxford University, UCLA, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Janelia Research Campus, Columbia University, University of Paris, University of Munich, and the Max Planck Institute, among many others.

We strive to even the playing field for performing cutting-edge neuroscience research. Because our products are open source and inexpensive compared to closed, commercial alternatives, OEPS tools can also be found across many lower budget research institutes, where brilliant minds have the opportunity to use modern and affordable tools for their research.

Note: Blue countries indicate the location of research institutes using OEPS tools.

Please visit the Open Ephys initiative, the heart of the community that brings life into the tools we make at OEPS.

OEPS was originally created to ensure the continuous availability of Open Ephys devices, but we now manufacture devices from other sources as well. OEPS is made possible by collaborative effort with Open Ephys. The support of the Open Ephys initiative is one of the primary goals of OEPS.